Unleashing The Power Of Audience Growth: Stop Renting Attention – Own It!

When it comes to business growth, most companies aspire to expand their audience. It’s often embedded in their marketing plans and stands as the underlying purpose for their content marketing strategy. After all, we all know that you can either pay or beg to secure a spot in front of someone else’s audience. However, the real magic happens when you nurture and grow your own audience. But why is it that businesses often fall short in this area? Why do many find themselves caught in a constant cycle of hunting for new leads every quarter, thus sacrificing long-term audience growth for short-term gains?

The Quarterly Conundrum

This phenomenon, known as the quarterly conundrum, arises when businesses focus their efforts on acquiring immediate leads at the expense of growing their audience for the future. Why is this a problem? Because focusing on short-term gains often results in overspending on paid media and pleading for attention from other people’s audiences. Meanwhile, businesses neglect the golden opportunity to build an audience that brings value not only now but also in the future.

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It’s a prioritization of the short term over the long term.

Instead of building a growth engine for repeatable growth, companies scramble to make due every quarter.

It’s a problem.

Whoever Has the Audience Has the Leverage

Here’s the thing: whoever controls the audience wields the power.

Businesses typically grow through paid, earned, or owned media. Among these, owned media or building your own audience is the most beneficial. Once you’ve built a substantial audience, others will want to pay you to access your audience or even offer their audience in return.

Building affinity, or essentially, fostering a relationship where your audience likes and trusts you, is crucial in the process. Once you become your buyer’s favorite channel, they’ll not only purchase more from you, but also provide invaluable feedback that can help you craft irresistible offers.

Creator + Marketing Leader = Director of Audience Growth

But who should be entrusted with the task of audience growth? This is where the role of a Director of Audience Growth comes into play. They work alongside the Director of Marketing, complementing the existing strategies with their unique set of skills.

A Director of Audience Growth is a hybrid of a marketer and a creator. They understand the distinction between good and great content and know how to apply marketing strategies for audience growth. Unlike creatives, who focus on creating things, creators specialize in building an audience. They possess an intuitive understanding of the content needed to attract and retain an audience and have honed the skill of discerning what people want.

Stop Renting Attention — Own It

As we see it, there are two choices: you can either pay or beg to engage someone else’s audience, or you can own the audience and have the leverage. By investing resources and time in building your own audience, you create an engine of growth that will serve your business for years to come. It not only simplifies your marketing efforts but also enables you to receive direct feedback from an audience that already trusts you.

So, why not take the plunge and make the shift? Rather than spending exorbitantly to access someone else’s audience or pleading for their attention, focus on growing your own. Embrace the power of audience growth and redefine your marketing approach — it’s time to stop renting attention and start owning it!

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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