LinkedIn Growth, Prompt Guides Vs Custom GPTs, and the Future of Marketing

Welcome to the Ai Microskills podcast, where we uncover the latest trends and strategies for integrating AI into marketing operations. In this episode, host Dan Sanchez is joined by guest Andrew Bolis to delve into the growing role of AI in marketing and the practical use of AI tools for business success. They discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in marketing operations and share insights on leveraging AI content creation tools, building a personal brand on LinkedIn, and automating business processes with custom GPTs. Join us as we explore how marketers can embrace AI to stay competitive and achieve their goals in the evolving landscape of digital marketing.


00:00 Intro to attention podcast with Dan Sanchez.

03:45 Found success on LinkedIn with CEO’s help.

09:05 Networking for building relationships and business success.

12:50 LinkedIn viral content and AI relevance.

15:42 AI content can be like junk food.

19:37 Discovering custom GPTs streamlines business processes efficiently.

21:16 AI tools improve processes for mid-sized companies.

23:58 Automating name compilation process using custom GPT.

28:52 Limited shared account causes usage constraints frustration.

30:50 Increasing AI adoption by users and businesses.

36:36 Automated AI transcription and publication process discussed.

40:11 Use AI to cut costs in marketing.

43:47 AI implications: competition, support, leverage, income opportunities

45:11 Uniqueness and purpose lead to success.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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