Content Alchemy: How AI Turns Your Content Into Gold w/Greg Wasserman

Join host Dan Sanchez as he interviews Greg Wasserman about the Castmagic platform on this episode of AI Microskills. They discuss Castmagic’s pioneering role in repurposing content through AI, offering extensive tools for podcasters and beyond, such as transcript generation and content enhancement. Listeners will learn about Castmagic’s diverse use cases, from coaching to church services, and its community-driven approach to sharing knowledge and applications.


00:00 Tool for sharing AI content with control.

05:25 Producing podcast content was time-consuming and tedious.

06:35 Cast Magic enables rapid podcast turnaround times.

12:24 Podcasting use case, customized prompts for calls.

13:38 Efficient content creation saved time for writers.

16:50 Early movers on app; competitors duplicating, falling behind.

21:15 Recording highlighted underutilization of magic chat, overuse of modify button and AI input.

23:18 Chat GPT executes deep, diverse prompts effortlessly.

27:02 Automating research and content repurposing for outreach.

30:16 Content generates questions, aiding engagement and branding.

36:12 Leveraging content for inspiration and time management.

37:31 Expanding customer-only slack to public soon. Workshop offered.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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