Ai, Nonprofits, and 100 Custom GPTS in 48 Hours w/Anne Murphy

In this edition, our host Dan Sanchez delves into a fascinating conversation with Anne Murphy, a fundraising consultant specializing in AI for the nonprofit sector. Together, they explore crucial but often overlooked topics such as change management, upskilling, and the impact of AI on nonprofit marketing. Anne shares her expertise in using AI to create personalized thank-you notes for fundraising, and they discuss responsible AI frameworks, the challenges nonprofits face in digital marketing, and the potential for custom GPTs to revolutionize communication in the nonprofit sector. They also touch on the importance of building a community for sharing AI resources and skill development. So, whether you’re a nonprofit professional or a marketer who wants to explore the power of AI, this episode has invaluable insights and practical tips for you. Join us as we uncover the hidden potential of AI micro skills with Anne Murphy.


00:00 Nonprofit sector faces challenges amid changing behavior.

05:52 Nonprofits need better marketing for donor retention.

06:57 Responsible AI framework for fundraising ensures security.

10:00 Stakeholder trust can be built or squandered.

16:02 Helped thousands create practical, impactful GPTs.

17:53 Teaching workshops, achieving goals, donating, winning raffle.

20:13 GPT serves as personal development coach.

24:06 Generate personalized thank you notes for donors.

28:21 Importance of change management and upskilling emphasized.

32:21 Recommendations for configuring GPT with knowledge base.

33:34 Coach people to include email in GPTs.

39:14 Recommendations for AI thought leaders and community.

40:17 Engage proactively, don’t wait for opportunities.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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