The Best Way to Land Your First Marketing Job

Somebody asked me in a DM on LinkedIn yesterday: “Do you have any tips for someone from a non-business/quantitative major trying to break into marketing?”

This was my answer:

Start a free podcast on and call it the “The Innovative Marketer”. First, record three 5-10 minute episodes straight from on your phone voice memo app about these three topics:

  • Episode 1: Whats the story behind why you want to work in marketing?
  • Episode 2: Where are you currently working (or studying) and what’s the story behind how you got there? What skills do you think you already have might be useful in marketing?
  • Episode 3: What you would like to learn more about related to marketing from others that you don’t understand yet?

Don’t edit them. Don’t add an intro/outro.

Just post them as is.

If it makes it easier, open the three episodes with this script: “Welcome back to the Innovative Marketer, I’m <your name> and today I’m going to be talking about…”

Close with: “thanks for listening to the Innovative Marketer, if this show has been valuable please leave a rating on your podcast player.”

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Then start reaching out to marketing managers/directors on LinkedIn and request a 30 minute interview.

Send them this exact script in a DM:


“Hi <first name>, I’d love to interview you about your role at <company name> on my podcast, The Innovative Marketer.

I’m trying to pull together the most innovative marketing strategies and tactics that are actually working for companies today.



Create a free link to book interviews. Use Zoom (or for free) to record.

Follow up with an email immediately after recording to thank them for the interview and when they can expect the show to be published. Mention your favorite part of the interview.

Publish the episodes on

Email the guest the link to the podcast episode page Sounder makes for you.

Share about the interview on LinkedIn and tag the guest. Drop the link to the episode in the comments and highlight the best points the guest made in the post itself.

Do this and you will not only become great at marketing, you will build a personal brand on LinkedIn, and (most importantly) build real relationships with all the right people who can get you a job.

This takes $0 to do this.

If I were unemployed, I would be doing this all day, five days a week as if it were my full time job.

P.S – This would work for just about any profession. It’s not limited to marketing.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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