AI Marketing: Trends, Tools, and Transformations w/Mark Fidelman

In this episode, Dan Sanchez talks to Mark Fidelman, host of the AI Marketing podcast, about his three-year journey into AI in marketing, and the transformative potential of AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude Opus for marketers. They delve into the groundbreaking advancements of AI technologies such as Synthesia by OpenAI, and explore how AI is rapidly changing content creation, customer service, and personalized marketing. Mark also shares practical insights on overcoming resistance to AI adoption within organizations and leveraging existing data for dynamic, personalized user experiences.


03:11 Doubtful about video editing with AI prompts.

09:16 Podcast used to learn about blockchain and AI.

09:46 Using AI to build wealth, differentiate platform.

15:13 Leveraging AI for marketing and outreach strategies.

16:54 Custom email outreach for influencers yields 80% response.

21:03 Privacy concerns overlooked, data obtained non-consensually.

25:05 CTOs need to be marketer friendly, AI.

27:03 Marketing departments must lead in implementing AI.

30:23 Carefully consider use case before proceeding.

35:10 Future trends: Solopreneur unicorns vs. automated tasks.

38:07 Using AI for CMO activities with Sora.

39:02 Architecting processes for AI is key.

42:25 Primary focus shifted from Twitter to LinkedIn.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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