Audience Growth is a Skill

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Hi, 👋 I’m Dan Sanchez.

Friends call me Danchez. 😉

I help companies grow their audience by teaching them how with my newsletter, podcasts, courses or helping them directly through my consulting services. I've even published two kids books on marketing and audience growth to teach your kids.

I have over a decade of experience in marketing, content creation, and growing audiences. Lately, I've been nerding 🤓 out about Ai as the host of the AI-Driven Marketer.

Recent Posts

I Started a Vlog

Yes. I. Did. I felt like Bethany Global University needed a regular look at what was going on inside the campus. So in addition to starting a personal vlog to showcase more of Bethany from my...

Becoming a Better Writer

As a marketer, I have missed the mark. Being able to write well is the trademark of a great marketer; which I aspire to be. It is the one subject I wish I would have tried a little harder in while ...