Bucket List Review

Over a year ago I published my bucket list of 100 things to do, places to go/live, and more. After a year, I have accomplished two list items and now I am picking out a few more for this year.

To back up a little, the reason I feel like accomplishing these items are important is this: they require action. Often I find that I just need a jump start to get going and then, once moving, God directs the steps that follow. Who knows what opportunities will arise from competing in a triathlon or writing a book? What if God makes something beautiful with it? It can’t hurt, right?

This year I will have completed two:

91. Go a whole year without watching movies or television (Both Amy and I will finish this in August)
92. Spend at least 3 months involved in a house of prayer

Here are some I hope I can finish this year:
40. Write a blog post every week for a year.
66. Run a marathon.

Some to start on:

38. Read a biography of every founding father ( I found out that there are 55 in all, so I will need to get started early on this one. I am shooting to read ten this year.)
95. Read through the whole Bible at least 50 times (This will obviously need to become an annual event.)
7. Become an expert on a famous person in history (William Wilberforce is my man. So far, I have only read a short biography, but it was enough to get me started.)

What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in a comment, but be warned, I might steal a few ideas from you.  🙂


Dan Sanchez, MBA

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