The Creative Mess (Pivoting Again?)

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Welcome back. This is Dan Sanchez, and I am here again to tell you that I am pivoting the podcast man. It has gone through a couple of iterations now. It started as a non profit growth where I was going to be talking about nonprofit marketing tactics with other nonprofit marketers. And then, after I left the nonprofit space, I just transitioned into growth Guide to match the blog title I had at the time. And now now it’s going to be the creative marketer. Yes, man. The journey of starting and running a personal podcast is like any other artistic endeavor I’ve ever done because the creative process is just messy.

If you’ve ever made something, whether it’s a website, a blog, a painting, jewelry, fashion, any of those kinds of things, even a logo is creative in nature, and the creative process is messy, right? If you’re like me, you’ve You’ve been through the process. You you’ve had a vision of what you wanted to make. It gets messed up somewhere along the way or kind of deviates from what you had in your head. And then you get discouraged, right? You regain some confidence and somewhere along the lines.

You go back and forth between discouragement and confidence as you make your way through to the eventual masterpiece that it will be. And sometimes it doesn’t become that masterpiece. Sometimes it just becomes that thing that becomes a learning exercises, uh, to to the next masterpiece, You’re going to start, and that’s what this podcast is starting to become. It is a third attempt to take something that I had started two years ago to make it something beautiful.

Now, because actually podcast full time for BTB growth in sweet Fish media, I can’t just whip out my best marketing advice or interview other marketers. The same way I do for that show would be a little bit of a conflict of interest, considering that I actually get paid to be a co host of that awesome podcast. And honestly, I wouldn’t want to published that same stuff here because that body that one has so much more audience than this podcast does. This podcast is going to become a place where I document might ever evolving journey into marketing because let me get real with you. I love marketing, but it didn’t always start that way I actually started as an aspiring artist like many marketers do is common.

The common path is that I started in high school just a loving the fine arts. But I never quite made it to art school. While I loved painting and drawing, I even did a lot of metal Smith thing and sculpture work. I just I don’t know what it was. Art school. I think the cost of art school and not knowing if I would ever be able to repay the debt, uh, scared the heck out of me. So I just went a very practical route and went to internships and eventually along the way, learned graphic design and that led way to Web design. And, of course, after designing some websites, people ask me, Oh, can you design some stuff for my social media profiles?

And then I started dabbling in social media, posting stuff and getting paid to post stuff and getting paid to do Facebook and Twitter back in the day. And that led to honestly digital marketing because social media, blood to email and then the text message marketing and then the email and marketing automation, and all of a sudden I was running AdWords campaigns and Facebook ads, and I became a full blown digital marketer. And then I took over the marketing for a whole university and grew tripled the enrollment of the university. I became a full fledged marketer, but deep down inside, I had always started as an artist, and I always considered myself creative, even though, you know, creative is often considered back in the design and the art world, and not necessarily in the marketing world. But we all know marketing ties together.

All the endeavors I just mentioned from art to design, Web design, social media, digital marketing, how to tap into people’s psychology. All of this together, to me, is a never ending masterpiece. It is a beautiful thing when you could pull these things things together to deliver quality and fantastic products and services that people who need them or who want them, or to enrich lives or to improve things that were to give people back time or whatever it is. Marketing is a beautiful process, and it incorporates all the things that I love. So the aim of this podcast is simply to document my journey into the role that I’m calling the creative marketer.

There’s a lot of you out there, too. I know after having long conversations on LinkedIn from all the different routes and paths we’ve gotten to this place called Marketing. But I know I’m not alone and feeling like a creative marketer out there. So for all of you creatives, you find yourself in marketing.

Welcome to the show.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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