The Power of Organic Marketing w/Justin Rowe

On this episode of The Attention Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Rowe, a LinkedIn marketing expert and founder of a successful LinkedIn ads agency. Justin shared his remarkable journey, from using the BAMF Bible to launch his first startup to scaling his business to over 210 active LinkedIn lead generation clients. His insights into organic and paid marketing, lead qualification strategies, and content creation will surely captivate and inspire our listeners. So let’s dive in!

Harness the Power of Organic Marketing for Long-Term Success

Justin emphasized the importance of organic marketing, which builds momentum over time and provides long-term benefits.

Although paid ads offer quick results and wider reach, he highlighted the limitations of scalability due to market demands. He shared his experience of initially focusing on organic marketing but regretting the loss of traction when he took a break. Therefore, diversifying marketing strategies and maintaining consistency is key to mitigating risks and building a lasting presence on platforms like LinkedIn.

“The biggest thing that made me want to create an audience was … just to find opportunities for jobs. And I realized that growing an audience was really powerful. I was just using it to open up opportunities as a worker, but as a business owner and a growing agency, I see it unlocking partnerships, revenue, trust, and a lot of things.”

—Justin Rowe

Craft Actionable Content to Attract and Engage Your Target Audience

Justin discovered that entertaining content, like a viral post about a cat being pulled out of a drawer, didn’t attract valuable leads. Instead, focusing on providing actionable tips and education on LinkedIn ads proved immensely fruitful. By sharing their playbook and showcasing client issues and results, the content resonated with their audience.

This valuable content attracted two types of people: those with time but no budget, and those with a budget but not enough time or expertise. Tailor your content to provide real value and remember that quality always trumps quantity.

Optimize Lead Generation with Qualifying Strategies

Justin highlighted the importance of lead qualification and capturing the right information from your prospects. By using retargeting and LinkedIn ads, Justin qualified website visitors based on specific criteria and sent them curated resources.

He stressed the need for lead magnets to show intent and be valuable, rather than using low-quality content for cold audiences. Moreover, Justin discussed the “Hermozi model,” suggesting split testing and identifying the top-performing leads to focus on for maximum impact.

Justin Rowe’s journey from a job seeker to a LinkedIn marketing expert provides valuable insights into maximizing lead generation on this powerful platform. By harnessing the power of organic marketing, crafting actionable content, and optimizing lead qualification strategies, entrepreneurs and marketers can unlock the full potential of LinkedIn for their businesses. Remember to stay consistent, diversify your marketing efforts, and always deliver value to your audience. So, take these actionable takeaways and start transforming your LinkedIn strategy today!

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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