Lead Magnet Breakthrough: How Simple Beats Robust

In this episode of the Attention Podcast, host Dan Sanchez interviews guest Ryan Baker about the success he had with his lead magnet. Ryan shares how he created a fully done-for-you client onboarding process in a spreadsheet, which became his top post on LinkedIn. He received a lot of engagement, generated leads, and built valuable relationships with potential clients.

Ryan recognized the importance of onboarding in marketing agencies and decided to give away valuable information for free, with the intention of charging for implementation. By understanding the problem and providing a solution, he was able to attract clients and generate revenue.

The Power of a Thought-Out Lead Magnet

Ryan Baker, a seasoned consultant in the marketing agency world, had a brilliant idea for a new consulting service. However, he wanted to validate his idea and generate leads before investing a significant amount of time and resources into building it out. Instead of running ads or traditional marketing campaigns, Ryan decided to create a lead magnet that would provide immense value to his target audience. In this case, it was a fully done-for-you client onboarding process, complete with templates and bonus resources.

By offering a solution to a common pain point, Ryan’s lead magnet instantly resonated with his audience and became his top-performing post on LinkedIn.

Solving Problems and Building Relationships

One key lesson we learned from Ryan’s experience is the importance of addressing a specific problem that your target audience is facing. In Ryan’s case, his extensive experience in the marketing agency industry allowed him to identify a common struggle – the lack of well-documented and optimized client onboarding processes. By creating a lead magnet that provided a solution to this problem, Ryan not only demonstrated his expertise but also positioned himself as a valuable resource for his audience.

This resulted in actual people reaching out to him, increased website traffic, and valuable connections on LinkedIn. By solving a problem through his lead magnet, Ryan was able to build relationships that could potentially lead to revenue down the line.

Testing and Iterating for Success

Ryan emphasized the importance of testing hypotheses, even when you have a deep understanding of your customers’ needs. Despite his firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by marketing agencies, Ryan still wanted to test the viability of his lead magnet.

By making it available for free and gathering feedback, he was able to gather valuable insights on its effectiveness. Ryan’s lead magnet not only showcased his expertise but also allowed him to capture the attention of his target audience. Going forward, he plans to optimize and expand his lead magnet, using it as a list-building tool to further generate leads and nurture relationships.

Dan Sanchez, MBA

Dan Sanchez is a marketing director, co-host of the B2B Growth show, and blogger. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BS in Marketing Management from Western Governors University. Learn more about Dan »

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