About Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez is a co-host of the B2B Growth podcast and serves as the Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish Media.

He’s also a husband, father, blogger, and aspiring author. Dan has over ten years of marketing experience working for nonprofits, startups, and his own personal ventures.

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My Story

Like many millennials, I came out of high school dreaming about changing the world and joined a nonprofit to do just that. Yet, after working for a couple of nonprofit organizations I found the work to be highly inefficient and often ineffective at accomplishing the goal of the organization.

Nonprofits often were their own largest obstacle in their own way.

After giving up on the dream of changing the world, I joined a totally different kind of organization: a tech startup. The similarities were striking in that both these organizations worked crazy hard, had larger than life goals and were trying to accomplish them with few resources. Yet, despite the similarities, tech startups were working as smart as they were hard. They had figured out how to be effective and efficient with little to achieve much.

TEDx Talk outlining my story from nonprofit to a tech startup and back again.

I’ve made a huge impact on one nonprofit so far and now I’m back in the startup world to learn more!

Work Experience

I’ve had the privilege of serving at multiple nonprofits and two startups.

  • Teen Mania Ministries: I held multiple roles here from sales, customer service, graphic designer, and digital marketing manager serving major brands like Acquire the Fire (events with 150k people in attendance), Global Expeditions, and Extreme Camps.
  • International House of Prayer: I was a social media manager managing multiple pages with hundreds of thousands of followers.
  • Mercury11: An ambitious marketing tech startup launching products in digital marketing, marketing SAAS, market research, education, and animal care. I worked on everything from design, code, product development, and client management. Mercury11 was acquired by Shoptology.
  • Shoptology: I managed client campaigns and websites as well as design work for multiple clients. Shoptology was a new startup within a larger marketing holding company called Project: Worldwide and was aiming to gain market share in the shopper marketing agency industry through a digital technology focus.
  • Bethany International & Bethany Global University: I served here for six years as the director of marketing. I took what I learned from the startups and helps triple the enrollment of the university and overall the digital infrastructure of the organization.

You can find my whole work history on my Linkedin Profile »